Welcome to the Ethics Channel Iguacu Group.

All Iguaçu Group companies (Cia. Iguaçu, Iguaçumec and Panfoods) believe in the power of dialogue and frank communication as a way to overcome and solve any eventual noncompliance of our ethical and moral values.Therefore, we provide communication channels that enable all employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, community and other business partners to communicate any fact that could harm the Group’s companies, their employees, shareholders, customers and other public related to the company.For this, the Ethics Channel has been created, where you can, anonymously or not, communicate any fact which you consider to be contrary to our legislation, Code of Ethics and any standard procedures of the company.

All of this is done in order to maintain the confidence we have in all those with whom we interact, thus ensuring a corporate environment inspired in trust and respect.

All information received by the channel will be kept confidential and treated impartially, being cleared and treated with full attention. If you identify yourself, we will give feedback on how your occurrence has been handled and how the problem has been solved.

Contact us anytime and help us keep our ethical values, making the Iguaçu Group a better company. It's simple, secure and anonymous. You can trust.

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Welcome to Channel Ethics Cia. Iguaçu.

At Cia. Iguaçu, your privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting your personal data. For purposes of this Privacy Policy (this “Policy”), the term “personal data” means data such as: name; address; e-mail address; internet service provider; phone; or other personal information that may be provided by you or collected about you according to applicable local legislation. We hope that this policy helps you understand what kind of personal information we collect on this site, if applicable, and how we handle and use any personal data after collection.

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Cia. Iguaçu does not ask for any kind of confidential information through e-mail. By choosing to register on our website, the customer does so of their own free will; this information, however, is kept confidential and is not provided to any third parties. The only exceptions are in case of any express legal or judicial order which may be issued.

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The forms on the Cia. Iguaçu website are protected by encryption mechanisms, technology that ensures security in data transmission and storage. The codes generated by these mechanisms can only be identified by Cia. Iguaçu. This exclusivity ensures the privacy of data provided by the user.

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Any unauthorized access to private areas of the website, as well as successful or failed attempts to access the source code, shall be considered acts of infringement, and properly dealt with according to legislation.

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Welcome to Channel Ethics Cia. Iguaçu.

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